Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi everyone! My name is Jess, and this is my new blog! I'll be writing this blog with the help of my owner, Alisha. Since my fingers are to small to type on the keyboard, she will be typing for me.
I suppose I should start this blog by telling you all how I came to live in Alisha's home. Well, her dad found me one day at a thrift store about a month ago. That day at the thrift store was a very scary day for me! I was quite upset that my other owner had donated me to a thrift store. Once there, I was put in a plastic bag that I could barely breathe in, and then I was placed in a cart with a lot of other toys to be put out for sale. I was really nervous thinking about who would become my new owner. Would it be a girl who would play with me? Or maybe a collector who would display me on a shelf?
My thoughts were stopped short as the cart started to roll. A woman rolled the cart to the toy aisle of the store and started to put away some of the other toys. A man saw me in the cart and picked me up. It was Alisha's dad! He knew I was an American Girl doll right away as he and Alisha had been buying American Girl dolls like me from thrift stores for many years.
Alisha's dad payed for me and brought me to my new home. He wasn't sure which doll I was, but Alisha new right away. She knew that I was an American Girl Jess doll, Girl of the Year 2006. She inspected me to see what condition I was in and to see what needed to be done to me to fix me up. My arms and legs were a little bit dirty, so she gave me a bath. After my bath, she got out her doll brush and started to brush my hair, as it was somewhat of a mess from me being moved around a lot that day. It was then that she noticed that part of my hair was cut. My other owner had cut the front pieces of my hair really short around my face. I really dislike having part of my hair that short. I'm not sure why other owner cut it like that. The good thing, though, is that Alisha was very careful with my hair and she styled my hair to where it looks like a layered haircut. I was so happy that she could do that for me!
After I was cleaned up I had to get dressed. All I had come dressed in when I came from the thrift store was my "meet outfit" skirt and a pair of underwear. Alisha put away my skirt and got out a pair of jeans and a pretty teal shirt with sequins on it. That is now my favorite shirt to wear! I put those clothes on along with a pair of socks and black, Converse style shoes, and got ready to meet my new doll sisters.
I wasn't sure if the other dolls would like me at first, but they all were really nice. I was suprised to find out that the other dolls were from several different companies. I had only met other American Girl dolls before. Some were A Life of Faith dolls, some were American Girl dolls, a couple were Magic Attic Club dolls, one was a Karito Kids doll, one was a My Twinn doll, and there was also a Disney girl doll. I was really nervous about meeting them all, but a nice American Girl doll with blond hair walked up to me and said hi. She inroduced herself as Camilla. She explained to me that almost all the other dolls here except for the A Life of Faith dolls were thrift store dolls. They all had once been owned by other girls, but they were no longer loved and were given away. Camilla herself had just come to live here a few months ago. I felt sad that most of the other dolls had gone through the same experience as I had and had no longer been wanted by their previous owners. But then I felt happy that we all had gotten a new owner that loves us all and takes care of us. I was also very happy that I had made a new friend, Camilla.
Although I am friends with all the dolls, my best friend is Camilla. We like to do everything together, even though we have different personalities. She will be posting on my blog occasionally as well.
I thought I would share a few other facts about me.
My favorite color is blue.
I have a dog named tatlo.
My favorite food is pizza.
I am part Asian.
I love to read other doll blogs!
I love to play with my mini AG doll, Julie.

I am going to end my first post with some pictures Alisha took of me this past week. She needed to take a headshot photo of me to be put up on the American Girl contest website ( ), so she took me outside to have a photoshoot. Here are some pictures I hope you all enjoy looking at!

The headshot photo she chose.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my first post! Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it. I will post again soon!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
~ Jess~
An American Girl


  1. She is a beautiful doll!! Finding dolls at thrift stores is more fun than buying them new! It's fun to "bring them back to life". I'm glad she found a good home!

  2. ive always wanted jess your so so so lucky! is she your only doll? pls check out my blog at:

  3. Jess is lucky to have found to a good home. You cleaned her up very well and her hair looks great! Cudos to your dad for finding her!

  4. Hey, it's us, Julie and Ivy on Carolyn's account (like usual . . . *sigh*). :-D We're excited to read your blog and hear about your life! :~) It's so cool that you are adopted from a thrift store! I wish we were . . . :-)
    We'll check up often!!

    ~Julie and Ivy

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