Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long! Yikes! I've just been so busy. It looks like I haven't done that well at keeping up with my comments either. I really do appreciate them, though! I love reading all of the kind comments you all leave on my blog. I am going to try my best to reply to them from now on. Camilla and I have still been reading all of your wonderful blogs when we have the time.

Ok, well, I do have some exciting news! Since my last post, five new dolls have come to live here! Their names are Kit, Ruthie, Josefina, Addy, and Elliana, who looks a lot like Josefina. Ruthie came here about a week before Christmas and Kit came shortly after. They soon became best friends and love to do everything together. Ruthie is very fashionable and loves her beautiful curly hair. She was, however, quite upset when she first came to live here over the fact that her hair was very messy. She didn't want to meet any of us other dolls until it was fixed up. Thankfully, Alisha solved that problem by using some foam curlers in her hair to make her hair curly again. Ruthie had to wear the curlers for about a week! There is no way I could stand to have my hair in curlers that long! She absolutely refused to meet any of us until the curlers were taken out. That same week that Ruthie was fussing over her hair, we heard that Kit was traveling from the west coast of the United States to where we live in Florida, and we were not-so-patiently waiting for her arrival. The morning that she was supposed to arrive here, Ruthie finally came into our room to meet all of us. She actually ended up being very nice. I guess having her hair fixed really put her in a pleasant mood! She offered to help us get our home cleaned up and ready for Kit's arrival and in a couple of hours we had everything put in its place and we had a special surprise waiting for Kit. A few minutes later we heard the Postal person leave a package on our porch and rushed to bring it inside. Hurriedly, we opened the box and Ruthie and I helped Kit get out of it.

"Hello!" Kit said in a friendly way. "Thanks for getting me out of that box. I was way to cramped in there and it was getting hard to breathe!"

I was the first to introduce myself to Kit, and the rest of the girls soon followed.

"It's nice to meet all of you", Kit said after we had all introduced ourselves. "If I had a typewriter, I would write a newspaper about my trip and about meeting all of you. I love to write and I hope to be a news reporter someday. But unfortunately, I had to leave my typewriter behind because I didn't have any room to pack it while I was traveling."

"I'm sorry you couldn't bring your typewriter with you, Kit," I said. "We do have a special surprise for you that might cheer you up, though. If you close your eyes we'll lead you to it."

"Okay!" Kit said excitedly. "I like surprises!"

Kit closed her eyes and Ruthie and I each took one of her arms and led her to where Camilla was standing next to something that was big and covered with a sheet. We nodded to Camilla and she pulled the sheet off.

"Okay, Kit. You can open your eyes now!" I said.

Kit opened her eyes and her face lit up when she saw what the surprise was.

"A roll top desk and a new typewriter! It's even better than the one I had! I can't wait to write news stories at this desk!" Kit said with a huge grin. "Thank you all so much! But how did you know that this is what I would like?"

"Alisha told us that you liked to write and that you even had had a couple of your news articles published in a real newspaper," I told Kit. "But she told us that you couln't bring anything with you when you moved here so we thought we would get you a new typewriter and desk so you could continue writing."

"Well I'm really glad you did!" said Kit. "Do you mind if I start using it right now?"

"Not at all," I said.

Do you mind if I help you write your newspaper, Kit?" Ruthie asked. "I would love to write about how I moved here, too."

"Sure, Ruthie!" said Kit. "I would love to have someone to help me write my newspapers."

Kit is now always looking for something around here to write about and, with Ruthie's help, writes up a newspaper for us to read almost every day. We were all happy to have new dolls living here when about a month later, three new dolls came to live here! First came Josefina and then a few days later Addy and Elliana came. All three of them came from the same thrift store that I came from.We made sure that all three of them felt very welcome here. Of course Kit had to write a newspaer about the new dolls that came to live after she did.

Here is a picture of Kit and Ruthie.

Here is a picture of Josefina.

I still need to take some photos of Addy and Elliana. I will post some as soon as I can get some. I still have some other things I need to post about, but this all for today. I will catch you all up on the other things I've been up to real soon! If you want to, you can comment on what you have all been up to lately. I love reading your comments! :)


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